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VF-EP 44 P1 10 P71 B14 B3 NP PV UH1 ID 000002044800680023
The VF/W-EP Series is designed to meet the requirements of the food & beverage and pharma & chemical industries and, more generally, to ensure risk-free operation in harsh environments.This version of the gearmotor is manufactured with improved sealing, enhanced corrosion protection and paint suitable for accidental food contact as the standard option. All these features work together to meet the highest hygienic requirements and to greatly increase gearmotor cleanability and operating lifetime in harsh and humid environments.
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  • Key benefits

    No dust ingress and protected against water jets
    Minimized environmental contamination
    Mounting flexibility
    Food zone compliant (FDA & NSF)
    Suitable for humid environment
    Easy to wash
  • Technical Data

    - Measurement Internat. System : IMPERIAL
    - n1 Input Speed [min-1] :
    - n2 Output Speed [min-1] : N/A
    - Pn1 input rated power [hp] : N/A
    - Rn1 Input perm.over.load [lbs] : N/A
    - Tn2 Output rated torque[lb/in] : N/A
    - Rn2 Output OHL [lbs] : N/A
    - ηd Dynamic efficiency [%] : N/A
    - Gearbox Weight [lb] : 4.40924
    - Oil Quantity [l] :
    - Second. Oil Quantity [l] :
    - Oil Quantity [gal] :
    - Second. Oil Quantity [gal] :
    - Output Shaft Dimensions :
    * Technical data depends on the input speed provided.
      The values displayed are valid for an input speed of {0} min-1

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