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TA 80 100 D 15 HS A ID 146266090A
The TA Series has long has long been established as a best seller for quarry and mine applications where absolute reliability and low maintenance are key factors. Another winning factor is the backstop option that prevents back driving in the case of inclined conveyors. This gearbox can be completed by selecting from a wide range of electric motors entirely manufactured by Bonfiglioli. Asynchronous motors, both IEC and compact (BN-BE-BX/M-ME-MX), can be coupled with the TA Series providing our customers a complete drive solution.
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  • Key benefits

    - Cost effective solution
    - High Reliability
    - Robustness
    - Very Compact design
    - Prevent the movement in the wrong way
    - Highly customizable product
  • Technical Data

    - Measurement Internat. System : IMPERIAL
    - n1 Input Speed [min-1] : 1400
    - n2 Output Speed [min-1] : N/A
    - Tn2 Output rated torque[lb/in] : N/A
    - Pn1 input rated power [hp] : N/A
    - Rn1 Input perm.over.load [lbs] : N/A
    - Rn2 Output OHL [lbs] : N/A
    - ηd Dynamic efficiency [%] : N/A
    - Gearbox Weight [lb] : 348.32995999999997
    - Output Shaft Dimensions : 100 G7
    - Oil Quantity [gal] : 2.905892
    * Technical data depends on the input speed provided.
      The values displayed are valid for an input speed of 1400 min-1

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