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W 63 U 10 P80 B14 B3ID2G200106H1
Worm Gear Units
VF/W Series are worldwide known: they succeeded in combining uncompromising quality with state-of-the-art technology and price effectiveness.Absolute flexibility is achieved by the wide choice of mounting options, shaft configurations and motor interfaces, all offered as standard. Furthermore, thanks to several patented manufacturing techniques Bonfiglioli's VF/W Series stands out for their long operating lifetime and reliability. Finally our VF/W Series can be completed trough the selection of a wide range of electric motor entirely manufactured by Bonfiglioli. Asynchronous-motors, both IEC and compact, can be coupled with VF/W Series providing to our customers a complete drive solution. Looking for an Enhanced Protection gearmotor suitable for Food&Beverage, Chemical and Pharma industries as well as for harsh environemtns in general?
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  • Key benefits

    - Cost effective solution
    - Low noise
    - High peak load capacity
    - Minimized mounting space
    - Long operating life
    - High reliability
    - High number of possible configuration
    - Wide output speed selection range
    - Wide output torque selection range
    - ATEX gearbox for explosive environments 2G/2D
  • Technical Data

    - Measurement Internat. System : METRIC
    - n1 Input Speed [min-1] : 1400
    - n2 Output Speed [min-1] : 140
    - Mn2 Output rated torque [Nm] : 140
    - Pn1 input rated power [kW] : 2.4
    - Rn1 Input perm.over. load [N] : 480
    - Rn2 Output OHL [N] : 1840
    - ηd Dynamic efficiency [%] : 86
    - Gearbox Weight [Kg] : 6.3
    - Output Shaft Dimensions : ø25 H7 mm
    - Oil Quantity [l] : 0.31
    * Technical data depends on the input speed provided.
      The values displayed are valid for an input speed of 1400 min-1