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Permanent Magnet AC Synchronous Motors
BMD servomotors are permanent magnet synchronous motors with highly compact dimensions and low inertia. They meet the most stringent demands for precision, dynamics and speed settings thanks to their high-quality neodymium iron boron rare-earth magnets and our excellent design. The motors are equipped with the latest encoder technology and are optimized for operation with frequency inverters and precision planetary gearboxes, offering an excellent synergy. More modularity is given with many options availabilities. Flywheel option provide excellent control characteristic for application with high load inertias, brake option, forced ventilation extend the performance in continuous duty operation and critical environment temperature. Even more flexibility is get due to our own design. Together with customer we are partners in developing tailored made solution wherever more functionality and features are needed to meet specific requirements.


  • Main options

    • Holding brake (Optional)
    24 Vdc
    • Additional flywheel (optional)
    0. 5... 70 (Kgm2 x 10-4)
  • Torque range

    0.85 ... 45 Nm
  • Torque range (IU)

    7.5 ... 531 lb-in
  • Certifications

    CE, UL

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BMD Permanent Magnet AC Synchronous Motors

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BMD Permanent Magnet AC Synchronous Motors