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F 51 3 H55 285.9 S1 H3 M 1LA 4 230/400** ID MF7120130001
Helical Parallel Gearmotors with Compact Asynchronous IE1 3-phase Motors
The F Series is an outstanding solution for customers looking for a drive that can maximize mounting flexibility. Thanks to the housing's lateral holes, the F Series can also be side mounted directly into the machine, in addition to all the conventional mounting positions.This gearmotor guarantees elevated efficiency, reliability and low-noise operation. High torque density, a range of wide gear ratios and a compact design complete the F Series' characteristics. The F Series can be completed with a wide range of electric motors entirely manufactured by Bonfiglioli. Asynchronous motors both IEC and compact (BN-BE-BX/M-ME-MX), servomotors (BMD) and reluctance motors (BSR) can be coupled with the F Series.
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  • Key benefits

    - High mounting flexibility
    - Minimized mounting space
    - Robustness
    - Reduced standard backlash
    - High dynamic and energy saving solution
    - Wide output speed selection range
    - (ATEX) gearbox for explosive environnements 2G/2D
  • Technical Data

    - Measurement Internat. System : IMPERIAL
    - n2 Output Speed [min-1] : N/A
    - Tn2 Output rated torque[lb/in] : N/A
    - Rn1 Input perm.over.load [lbs] : N/A
    - Rn2 Output OHL [lbs] : N/A
    - sf Service factor : N/A
    - Output Shaft Dimensions : Ø55 G7 mm
    - n Motor Speed [min-1] : 1380
    - Mn Motor Nominal Torque [Nm] : 3.8
    - Tn Motor Nom. Torque [lb-in] : 33.6
    - η100 Efficiency 100% [%] : 69.0
    - η75 Efficiency 75% [%] : 68.9
    - η50 Efficiency 50% [%] : 68.8
    - In 400V Nomin.Curre.@ 400V [A] : 1.55
    - Cosφ : 0.74
    - Pn Motor Nominal Power [kW] : 0.55
    - Pn Motor Nominal Power [Hp] : 0.75
    - Pn-60 Motor Nominal Power [kW] : N/A
    - Pn-60 Motor Nominal Power [Hp] : N/A
    - Gearmotor Weight [lb] : 326.063298
    - Oil Quantity [gal] : 2.113376
    * Technical data depends on the input speed provided.
      The values displayed are valid for an input speed of N/A min-1

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